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Welcome to Dutch-Hooligans!

                                      Matchverslag van de match DH vs RW. (489 reads)
Clanbase   Hier een netjes verslag voor onze H00ligan(s)

Het was een aardige match, de kogels vlogen ons om de oren maar we hielden goed stand. Vooral de tweede ronde verliep lekker. Het was leuk om ook een keer een infantry match te spelen. Mensen lekker geschoten en hopelijk tot snel.

Here follows a neat report for our H00ligan(s)

It was a nice match, the bullets flew past our ear but we stood our man. Especially the second round was a good one. It was nice to play an infantry match too. People, nicely done and hope to see you soon.

Hier eine nette bericht fur unsere H00ligan(s)

Es war eine gutte match, die kugeln flogen neben unseren ohren aber wir haben stand gehalten. Die zweite rund wahr die beste. Es war sehr schon auch ein mal eine infantry match zu spielen. Menschen sehr gut geschossen und hoffenlich bis schnell.

Uw reporter ter plaatse: Viktor Navorski

Your reporter at location: Viktor Navorski

Deine reporter von das Battlefield: Viktor Navorski
Posted by Korsakoff on Thursday, May 25 @ 02:07:11 CEST
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                                      New ATI Catalyst drivers (325 reads)
Dutch-Hooligans   =DH=Korsakoff writes "ATI has released new drivers for their RADEON series video chips; the Catalyst 6.4 drivers. ATI themselves estimate that you can get ~5% more FPS with some games, compared to Catalyst 6.3. You can download the new drivers here, or read the release notes here.

Bron: www.clanbase.com"
Posted by freefighter on Thursday, April 13 @ 21:56:23 CEST
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                                      Nations at War 3.9 Released (514 reads)
Battlefield 2   =DH=Korsakoff writes "There is some very exciting news posted today over at the Nations at War mod website. They have released the latest version of their mod that includes so much new content. Here's what they had to say:

130 New skins, 2 new weapons, and numorous tweaks and fixes!

It's Update time here at N.A.W again and boy have we been busy. We listened to the community and agreed that the skin's needed improving So we skinned everything again "THAT'S RIGHT" all new desert and artic camo for everything in game.

Two new weapons were added; The Glock 17 to Canada AT kit. and Galil to CHINA AT kit. There were issues between the two 50Cal Rifles, so we added CH 50 CAL to the AA side. This is the same as the N.A.T.O weapon but skinned differently.

There are many more fixes and tweaks that can found in the full release note.

Download Here - Nations at War 3.9 Stand Alone (Filecloud)

Download Here - Nations at War 3.9 Stand Alone (FilePlanet)

Download Here - Nations at War 3.9 Including Map Pack 3 (Filecloud)

Download Here - Nations at War 3.9 Including Map Pack 3 (FilePlanet)

Download Here - Nations at War 3.9 Server Files (Filecloud)

Download Here - Nations at War 3.9 Server Files (FilePlanet)

Quite the new release indeed! Great work goes out to these guys. Be sure to drop by their site to show your support."
Posted by Freefighter on Wednesday, April 05 @ 16:12:57 CEST
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                                      =DH=Rups1 (453 reads)
Dutch-Hooligans   =DH=Condal writes "Again we have a new fullmember.

We wish =DH=Rups1 the best as fullmember of the Dutch Hooligans. Good luck and have fun!!"
Posted by Freefighter on Tuesday, April 04 @ 19:57:40 CEST
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                                       (387 reads)
Dutch-Hooligans   =DH=Korsakoff writes "Also the Dutch government has finally realised that the gaming industry is "booming". The parliament will spend "  
Posted by Freefighter on Tuesday, April 04 @ 19:57:11 CEST
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                                      =DH=Swaffelaar, =DH=JinX[NL] and =DH=Dok(NL) (549 reads)
Dutch-Hooligans   =DH=Condal writes "=DH=Swaffelaar, =DH=JinX[NL] and =DH=Dok(NL) are now fullmembers of the Dutch-Hooligans.

we wish them the best...

welcome to join the club and have fun!!"
Posted by Freefighter on Friday, March 31 @ 17:55:45 CEST
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                                      matchplanner BHD =DH=Werewolf (395 reads)
  =DH=Counsel writes "Today Sunday the 26e of March 2006. =DH=Werwolf will be the new matchplanner of BHD.

=DH=Korsakoff will only focalize as matchplanner of Bf2.

Matchplanner BHD: =DH=Werewolf

Matchplanner Bf2: =DH=Korsakoff
Posted by Freefighter on Sunday, March 26 @ 20:51:28 CEST
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                                      EA AND DIGITAL ILLUSIONS ANNOUNCE BATTLEFIELD 2142 FOR PC (370 reads)
Battlefield 2   =DH=Korsakoff writes "All-new Title from the Award-winning Battlefield Franchise to be set in the Future

Redwood City, Calif. "
Posted by Freefighter on Sunday, March 26 @ 20:50:43 CEST
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                                      Corni, Vw2006 (447 reads)
Dutch-Hooligans   =DH=Condal writes "Today 15 march 2006. The =DH=Counsel has diceded to quit the recruiting period of Corni and Vw 2006.

Of course they will be always welcome ad our website, teamspeak-, Bf2- and BHD-server.

We wish them the best with gaming and finding a new clan for the future."
Posted by Freefighter on Wednesday, March 15 @ 21:58:51 CET
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                                      Battlefield 2: Patch morgen en Euro Force 15 maart (405 reads)
Battlefield 2   =DH=Korsakoff writes "EA heeft de Battlefield 2 v1.21 patch gepland staan voor morgen. Het tijdstip dat de patch wordt vrijgegeven is nog onbekend. Zojuist heeft EA voor deze patch de changelist vrijgegeven.

Bericht EA:

Battlefield 2"
Posted by Freefighter on Friday, March 10 @ 00:32:09 CET
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